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Planning the Mobile Metropolis: Transport for People, Places and the Planet

Our economic welfare and social well-being depend on our mobility. But our means of travel threaten the planet's sustainability. In this innovative text, Luca Bertolini shows how mobility planning - which takes seriously the demands of both urban and transport planning - offers solutions to transport challenges in the 21st Century.
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Town House Architecture: 1640-1980

Eveleigh D
British architectural history has bequeathed to the modern age a rich tapestry of styles, one that can all too easily be taken for granted. This title introduces and explains these styles.
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Architectural Ceramics

Lemmen H Van
This book charts the history of architectural ceramics, focusing on practical and decorative applications, on architects, designers and manufacturers, and on styles and techniques of production and decoration.
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Boredom, Architecture, and Spatial Experience

Parreno, Christian (Universidad San Fran
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Bee Boles and Bee Houses

Foster A M
The evolution of beekeeping can be traced in the changing shape of the beehive and in the various structures used to house and protect it. However, these older structures gradually fell into disuse. This book discusses these forgotten beehives, and explains the important role they played in the development of beekeeping.
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English Furniture

Bly, John
The story of English furniture begins in the sixteenth century, when crude medieval tables and stools gave way to more sophisticated, jointed designs. This book reveals that the Tudor furniture is the earliest to survive. It concludes with a masterclass in detecting the alterations and fakery that can affect the value of a piece of furniture.
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Ayn Rand and the Russian Intelligentsia: The Origins of an Icon of the American Right

Offord, Professor Derek (University of B
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