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Schools: Educational Spaces

Kramer, Sibylle
School building architecture has greatly gained in pedagogical significance during the last years. This work presents more than 60 international projects which set themselves apart not only with their modern architectural vocabulary, but also with their architects hope of being their contribution to the improvement of educational standards.
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London - The Architecture Guide

Whitehead, David
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The Book of Drawings + Sketches - Architecture

Uffelen, Chris van
After the success of Architectural Visions, with its focus on the German speaking countries, this volume is devoted to the individual handwriting of architects and designers from around the world. It shows more clearly which aesthetic impression the planned building finally leaves behind than any number of computer aided visualisation techniques.
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Nomadic Living

Kramer S
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Architecture for Science

Weller, Christine Nicky
Interdisciplinary perspectives on discovering the research buildings as topic for contemporary architecture in theory and practice.
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Paris - The Architecture Guide

Uffelen, Chris van
As well as approximately 500 individual buildings, the most prominent architects of Paris and every era are introduced.
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Old Becomes New: Housing Transformation

Lucas, Dorian
How can homes be upgraded to meet today’s demands – from living comfort to energy efficiency and digital requirements? How can the fusion of the historic and the new be used as a design element?
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