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Edinburgh University Press

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The Kaaba Orientations: Readings in Islam's Ancient House

O'Meara, Simon
Explores the Ka'ba as it has been conceptualised, represented and used by Muslims from the earliest period of Islam onwards.
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The Making of Classical Edinburgh

Youngson, A J
Superbly illustrated with photographs by acclaimed photographer Edwin Smith, along with a selection of contemporary images and a preface by Colin McLean, this book is a classic work of economic and social history, and a fascinating account of the shaping of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
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A History of Scottish Architecture

At last - here is a single volume authoritative history of Scottish architecture.
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Scottish Country Houses, 1600-1914

Gow I
This new illustrated paperback edition examines the Scottish country house in all its guises.
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Islamic Architecture: Form, Function and Meaning

Hillenbrand, Robert
A comprehensive and authoritative survey of Islamic Architecture from the world's leading expert.
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Calligraphy and Architecture in the Muslim World

Gharipour M
Focuses on architectural inscriptions throughout the Muslim world, some going back to the Middle Ages, others dating from our own lifetime. This book features 28 case studies that explain different aspects and contexts of calligraphy in Islamic architecture. It covers North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, China and Spain.
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The Architecture of the Iranian World, 1000-1250

Hillenbrand, Robert
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The Minaret

Bloom J
From early Islam to the modern world, and from Iran, Egypt, Turkey and India to West and East Africa, the Yemen and Southeast Asia, this richly illustrated book is a sweeping tour of the minaret's position as the symbol of Islam.
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