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Edition Axel Menges

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Architecture as Philosophy, The Works of Imre Makovecz: The Work of Imre Makovecz

Makovecz: Gerle, Janos
Aims to show that the commentators who first brought Makovecz's work to the West presented him as a rebel against the communist system, rather than seeing his battle against a larger enemy: impersonal intelligence. This book seeks to show him to be a highly articulate architectural philosopher, conversant with a range of international sources.
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Carlo Scarpa, Castelvecchio, Verona: Museo di Castelvecchio, Verona

Scarpa C
The Castelvecchio in Verona is the most perfectly resolved of Scarpa's works and today remain "outrageously" well pre-served. It is therefore unsurprising that a photographer-artist such as Richard Bryant should have been attracted by teh extraordinary compositional, spatial and luminous harmony of Castelvecchio.
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Carlo Scarpa. Museo Canoviano, Possagno: Opus 22 Series

Scarpa: Buzas, S.
As an extension to the basilica-like museum, built in 1836 for Canova's plaster originals, Carlo Scarpa composed a small, but highly articulated building.
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Carlo Scarpa: Layers

Scarpa: Schultz, A.
Carlo Scarpa's layered architecture makes visible the process of becoming and the time-related sedimentation of material and meanings. This book examines Scarpa's fields of influence and intellectual roots and puts them in perspective with former theories and their interpretation of architecture as layered.
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Castles of the Weser Renaissance

Bischoff, M. & Ibbeken, H. ~~~
In the area along the Weser, there was a great deal of building activity between the Reformation and the Thirty Years War which was helped along by economic prosperity. This title offers a representative selection of the region's castles and palaces, dealing with both princely residences and seats of the nobility.
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Chinese Vernacular: The Weiwu at Dafuzhen

Qinghua Guo & Yuyu Chang
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Rang W
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