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Modern Urban Landscapes

Coyle M
Introduces advanced design concepts and international standards for Modern Urban Landscape design, and showcases the latest designs by an international group of planners and designers who incorporate energy efficient and water saving features which meet the needs of the times.
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Minshuku: Japanese-Style Guesthouses

Xiang, Zhao
The book selects almost 40 distinct guesthouses in Japan. Some of them are popular guesthouses found on social media platforms, while others are architectural award-winning projects. All of these projects show new trends in Japanese designs for accommodation.
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Architecture Is Fun

Exley, Sharon
This highly illustrated monograph offers a glimpse into the firm Architecture is Fun, and the participatory process of its designs, and why it believes that architecture and play are transformative for all.
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Architects' Homes

Tsarouhas G
Features the homes of a range of leading architects from around the world.
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Shaping Changes: gad * line+ studio

gad * line+ studio
The book presents the works of gad * line+ studio, to illustrate how architecture could be a social force in shaping changes.
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TSK: Selected Works

A beautifully presented monograph on a wide selection of projects by TSK, a multi-award-winning architecture and interior design firm that focuses on regionally sensitive modernism and sustainable design.
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Beautiful Houses by the Water: Living at the Water's Edge

Group, The Images Publishing
Homes by the Water is a beautiful compilation of photogenic residences from around the world, designed to make the most of their waterside locations.
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Future Homes: Sustainable Innovative Designs

Friedman, Avi
New challenges on a global scale have forced a rethinking about the way homes and communities are designed. Future Homes provides an engaging and in-depth analysis of possible solutions.
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