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Architecture and the Virtual

Jecu, Marta
A study of architecture as it is reflected in the work of seven contemporary artists working with the tools of our post-digital age. It maps the convergence of virtual space and contemporary conceptual art and is an anthropological exploration of artists who deal with transformable space and work through analog means of image production.
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Architecture Filmmaking

Troiani, Igea
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Expertise and Architecture in the Modern Islamic World: A Critical Anthology

Christensen, Peter H
Expertise and the Architecture of the Islamic World explores how architectural traditions and practices were shared and exchanged across national borders, departing from a straightforward narrative of European import and export of Islamic designs and skills.
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The Architecture of the Screen: Essays in Cinematographic Space

Cairns G
With the birth of film came the birth of a revolutionary visual language. This book examines the relationship between the visual language of film and the onscreen perception of space and architectural design, revealing how film's visual vocabulary influenced architecture in the twentieth century and continues to influence it today.
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Urban Cinematics: Understanding Urban Phenomena through the Moving Image

Penz F & Andong L
Reviews the mechanisms by which cinema and the moving image contribute to our understanding of cities, addressing two key issues: how do film-makers make use of cities and how do cities make use of cinema? This title explores the use of cinema as a tool/approach to investigate the phenomena, experience and narrative of cities.
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