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Resource Salvation: The Architecture of Reuse

Gorgolewski M
A valuable source of information, insight, and fresh ideas about a crucial aspect of the growing sustainable design movement Mounting resource shortages worldwide coupled with skyrocketing extraction costs for new materials have made the prospect of materials reuse and recycling an issue of paramount importance.
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The Thinking Hand: Existential and Embodied Wisdom in Architecture

Pallasmaa, Juhan: Architecture Design AD
In this book Pallasmaa progresses his case for a multi-sensory approach to architecture, espoused in The Eyes of the Skin, by taking a wider view of the role of embodiment in human existential reactions, experiences and expressions as well as the processes of making and thinking.
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Drawing: The Motive Force of Architecture

Cook, Peter
Focusing on the creative and inventive significance of drawing for architecture, this book by one of its greatest proponents, Peter Cook, is an established classic. It exudes Cook's delight and catholic appetite for the architectural. Readers are provided with perceptive insights at every turn.
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Ecoarchitecture: The Work of Ken Yeang

Yeang, Ken; Hart, Sara
Ken Yeang is internationally recognised as the leading proponent of ecological design in architecture. He has built over 200 buildings globally and published numerous books advocating an environmentally responsive approach to design.
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Digital Sketching: Computer-Aided Conceptual Design

Bacus, John
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AD 271: Worldmodelling: Architectural Models in the 21st Century

AD: Morris, Mark
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Architect's Handbook of Construction Detailing

Ballast, David, K.
This book presents critical building detail drawings to help an architect produce construction drawings, design and develop custom details, prepare specifications, and check existing drawings.
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Green Building Illustrated

Ching, Francis D. K.
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