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Imagining Empire: Designing the Commonwealth Institute

Wilson, Tom
Provides insights into the interrelations between architecture, national identity and politics as it explores the Commonwealth Institute with its famous hyperbolic paraboloid roof.
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Arts and Crafts Pioneers: The Hobby Horse Men and their Century Guild

Evans, Stuart
The first book on the Century Guild of Artists (CGA) and its influential periodical, the Century Guild Hobby Horse. The significance of the CGA in the development of the Arts and Crafts movement and its modernist successors is assessed.
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Walter Segal: Self-Built Architect

Grahame, Alice
This book examines Walter Segal's unique approach to architecture practice and the enduring impact he has had on architecture and attitudes towards housing across the world.
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Scotland's Rural Home: Nine Stories about Contemporary Architecture

Brennan, John
The nine building stories told in this book show how rural households and communities define themselves, and the role architecture plays in this.
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Designing London: Understanding the Character of the City

Ijeh, Ike
Designing London provides a definitive and comprehensive analysis of London's urban character, establishing key principles by which the architecture of the capital's streets, buildings and spaces can be designed to enhance the character of the city.
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The Edwardians and their Houses: The New Life of Old England

Catlin, Timothy Brittan-
This book analyses beautiful and varied style of Edwardian domestic architecture within a broad context, including Edwardian political thought and contemporary literature.
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The Timeless Home: James Gorst Architects

Gorst: Bradbury, Dominic
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Play On: Contemporary Theatre Architecture in Britain

Fair, Alistair
The last decade has seen the construction of numerous innovative and well-received performance venues, as well as the sensitive refurbishment of theatres and concert halls constructed in the past century. This book provides a detailed survey of current and recent architectural projects to display the vitality of contemporary performance architecture in Britain and Ireland.
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