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Collett-Zarzycki: The Tailored Home

Collett Zarzycki , Bradbury, Dominic
This book offers insights into the influences and inspiration behind Collett-Zarzycki's work, into their unique collaborative working practices and ability to work across a range of forms and scales.
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Japan and the West: An Architectural Dialogue: 2019

Jackson, Neil
Based on extensive research, this book provides a synthetic overview that brings together the main themes of Japanese and Western architecture since 1850 and shows that neither could exist in its present state without the other.
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Designing London's Public Spaces: Post-war and Now

Hagan, Susannah
Eight illustrated case studies, four post-war and four contemporary, show how these public spaces came about, why they succeeded or failed, and why their success matters.
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Provocations: The Work of David Connor

Plunkett, Drew
The book charts the career of architect David Connor, identifying influences and professional liaisons with partners, collaborators and clients.
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Security, Resilience and Planning: Planning's Role in Countering Terrorism

Coaffee, Jon
Security, Resilience and Planning offers key concept and practical guidance about the role of planners in countering terrorist risk, using a range of international case studies.
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Insiders/Outsiders: Refugees from Nazi Europe and their Contribution to British Visual Culture

Bohm-Duchen, Monica
This book examines the extraordinarily rich and pervasive contribution of emigres arriving from Europe in the 1930s to the visual culture, art education and art-world structures of the UK.
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Studio Lives: Architect, Art and Artist in 20th-Century Britain

Campbell, Louise
By examining the studios and studio-houses used by British artists between 1900 and 1940, this book reveals the ways in which artists used architecture - occupying and adapting Victorian studios and commissioning new ones - and, in doing so, shows them coming to terms with the past, and in the process, inventing different modes of being modern.
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Children and Planning

Freeman, Claire
Planning is central to ensuring children and young people live in safe, secure places, that they are included and can be active. This book provides a range of international case studies, both planning-led and other more general examples which have relevance for planners and planning, which illustrate good practice.
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Arts & Crafts Churches

Hamilton, Alec
Arts & Crafts Churches provides a definitive guide to 735 of the finest Arts & Crafts churches in Britain, including detailed descriptions of 175
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