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Japan and the West: An Architectural Dialogue: 2019

Jackson, Neil
Based on extensive research, this book provides a synthetic overview that brings together the main themes of Japanese and Western architecture since 1850 and shows that neither could exist in its present state without the other.
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Data Cities: How satellites are transforming architecture and design

Jackson, Davina
How we live and understand architecture is being transformed by new technologies. Flows of data will inform our future behaviours in physical, virtual and hybrid-reality situations, and architecture and cities are being reinvented as not merely static structures, but places that pulse.
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Green Infrastructure Planning: Reintegrating Landscape in Urban Planning

Mell, Ian
This useful guide provides an essential introduction to green infrastructure for planners, landscape architects, engineers and environmentalists.
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Modern and Site-Specific: The Architecture of Gino Valle, 1923-2003: 2018

Valle: Croset, Pierre-Alain
Gino Valle has been recognized by international critics as one of the most original and creative European architects of the post-war period. This edition makes available for the first time in English the only critical monograph dedicated to his complete works.
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Why Plan?: Theory for Practitioners

Houghton, Graham
The guide discusses the value of planning, how rationales for planning have changed, and whether we have too much, too little, or just the wrong kind of planning.
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Neighbourhood Planning in Practice

Parker, Gavin
This book examines the experience of neighbourhood planners, analysing what communities have achieved, how they have done so and what went well or badly.
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Planning, Sustainability and Nature

Counsell, Dave
This book provides a grounding for planners and other related professionals in the key concepts associated with biodiversity and the natural environment, and in how to apply them in practice.
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