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Material Health: Design Frontiers

The Healthy Materials Lab
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Architecture and the Face of Coal: Mining and Modern Britain

Boyd G A
Beautifully illustrated, Architecture and the Face of Coal is the first book to examine the fascinating story of the relationship between architecture and Britain's coal fields, and includes examples of iconic and avant-garde architectural forms built, including Bauhaus-trained Egon Riss's sculptural and modernist designs for the 'super pits'.
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Cook's Camden: The Making of Modern Housing

Cook: Swenarton M
In the 1960s and 1970s, a team of leading architects established a new type of collective housing in the London Borough of Camden. In place of tower blocks, they created a high-density, low-rise urbanism, based on a return to streets with front doors. This book examines this programme and shows how it offers important lessons and insights for the
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An Organic Architecture: The Architecture of Democracy: 2017

Wright: Frank Lloyd
A reissue in the Frank Lloyd Wright 150th anniversary year of the series of lectures which the celebrated American architect gave in London in 1939 and which outline his core philosophy of 'organic architecture'.
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Travels with Frank Lloyd Wright: The First Global Architect: 2017

Jones, Gwyn Lloyd
By retracing Frank Lloyd Wright's footsteps on six of his journeys, the author explores the architect's global ambitions and lasting legacy, offering an original and contemporary view of Wright and his architecture. He reflects on Frank Lloyd Wright as an early promoter of globalisation - the first international architect.
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Brinkworth: So Good So Far: 2019

Brooker, Graeme
Founded in 1990, Brinkworth is an award-winning London-based design studio, working globally in interior and architectural design. The practice has completed over 2000 projects, located in over 80 countries. They have become known for their retail and hospitality work, always with a radical, creative edge.
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The Edwardians and their Houses: The New Life of Old England

Catlin, Timothy Brittan-
This book analyses beautiful and varied style of Edwardian domestic architecture within a broad context, including Edwardian political thought and contemporary literature.
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The Timeless Home: James Gorst Architects

Gorst: Bradbury, Dominic
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