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Revolution? Architecture and the Anthropocene

Hagan, Susannah
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Temples And Tombs: The Sacred and Monumental Architecture of Craig Hamilton

Hamilton: Woodman, Ellis
With an essay by Ellis Woodman which sets Hamilton's work within a rich historical context, this book details six exquisite buildings which share a categorisation as works of sacred and monumental architecture.
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Healthy Cities?: Design for Well-being

Townshend, Tim
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20th Century Japan in 20 Buildings

Barr, John
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The Culture Factory: Architecture and the Contemporary Art Museum

Williams, Richard J.
The Culture Factory: Architecture and the Contemporary Art Museum examines museum design using international examples from Western Europe, China, Brazil and the USA. Written accessibly, it argues that the development of the art museum since the mid-1970s has involved the deliberate blurring of boundaries between different categories of art.
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Architectural Tourism: Site-Seeing, Itineraries and Cultural Heritage

Hornstein, Shelley
Examining global buildings from past and present, this book charts the relationship between architecture and tourism. It asks why monuments and buildings attract and compel us to visit, why we feel the need to understand cities through architectural sites such as museums, historic sites and monuments, and how national identity is galvanised through its architecture and tourism.
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Designing a World for Everyone: 30 Years of Inclusive Design

Myerson, Jeremy
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Mid-Rise Urban Living

Johnson, Chris
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Remembrance Now: 21st-Century Memorial Architecture

Woodger M
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