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Manchester University Press

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Building Reputations: Architecture and the Artisan, 1750-1830

Lucey, Conor
This book advances a novel approach to a familiar eighteenth-century building type: the brick terraced house. Focusing on issues of design and architectural taste, it rehabilitates the reputation of the artisan communities of bricklayers, carpenters and plasterers responsible for its design and construction. -- .
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Queer Objects

Brickell, Chris
What makes an object queer? This collection considers the question in relation to lesbian, gay and transgender communities across time, cultures and space. Written by established and up-and-coming authors, the sixty-three chapters range from ancient Egyptian tomb paintings to political placards, snapshots, sex toys and the smartphone. -- .
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Ideal Homes, 1918-39: Domestic Design and Suburban Modernism

Ryan D
Focusing on the house-building boom of the interwar years, when Britain became a nation of homeowners, this book investigates the ways in which ordinary people expressed new class and gender identities through the design, architecture and decoration of their homes. -- .
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The Extended Self: Architecture, Memes and Minds

Abel, Chris
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Interior Decorating in Nineteenth-Century France: The Visual Culture of a New Profession

Lasc, Anca I. (Assistant Professor)
This book explores the origins of interior design in nineteenth-century France. It shows how new, modern techniques of image-making and reproduction enabled the still-unnamed profession of the interior designer to take shape. -- .
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Safe as Houses: Private Greed, Political Negligence and Housing Policy After Grenfell

Hodkinson, Stuart
As the tragedy of the Grenfell tower fire has slowly revealed a shadowy background of outsourcing, private finance initiatives and a council turning a blind eye to health and safety concerns, many questions need answers. Stuart Hodkinson has those answers. -- .
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Ideal Homes: Uncovering the History and Design of the Interwar House

Ryan D Sugg
Ideal homes investigates the tastes and aspirations of the suburban communities that emerged in Britain after the First World War. It explores how new class and gender identities were forged through the architecture and decoration of the home. This edition includes a chapter on researching the history of your own house. -- .
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The Autonomous Life?: Paradoxes of Hierarchy and Authority in the Squatters Movement in Amsterdam

Kadir, N
This book is an ethnographic study of the internal dynamics of a subcultural squatting community that defines itself as a social movement. -- .
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