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Architecture & Human Rights: A Book on Urban Thinking

Kassahun, Tiziana Panizza
Revealing how architects can use human rights as powerful tools for better, fairer urban planning - to create livable, sustainable cities of the future.
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Corporate Design: The Latest from Germany

Bingel, Odo-Ekke Bingel
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Before Steel: The Introduction of Structural Iron and Its Consequences

Rinke, Mario
This book casts a critical light on the many-layered connections between architecture and engineering in the nineteenth century and the markedly changing self-conception of the disciplines.
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Icons of World Architecture

Blaser, Werner
Drawing on photographs from his impressive archive, which he accompanies with short explanatory texts, Werner Blaser vividly demonstrates the basic foundations of architecture and perception.
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Architecture Music: Boa Baumann Fritz Hauser

Baumann, Boa; Hauser, Fritz
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Detached Houses - the Future?

Bosshard M et.al.
Detached housing settlements discussed from the different perspectives of architects and social scientists.
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Architecture + Perception

Grutter, Jorg Kurt
Experiencing architecture means seeing architecture. Certain aspects and contexts of the perception of architecture can best be explained by means of images. This is the idea upon which this book is based.
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