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The Story of a Section: Designing the Shougang Oxygen Factory

Bonino, Michele
The book overviews and analyses the most important steps that transformed initial design intentions into a defined proposal, passing through different solutions, changes, debates, and negotiations among the different stakeholders called into action along the whole process.
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Architecture's New Strangeness: A 21st Century Cult of Peculiarity

Moffett, Kenneth
The book is a systematic critique, sometimes acerbic, of some 21st century trends in architectural design, trends that have become assertively extreme (or indefensibly peculiar) in their approaches to form.
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Young Architects 21: JUST

The Architectural League of New York, An
Young Architects 21: JUST presents the work of the six winners of the 2019 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers competition.
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Death by Design at Alcatraz

Poon, Anthony
A tale of death and intrigue examines arrogance, ambition, and redemption. Who will succeed - and at what cost?
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Designing the Computational Image, Imagining Computational Design

Llach, Daniel Cardoso
Designing the Computational Image, Imagining Computational Design explores this period of remarkable inventiveness, and traces its repercussions on architecture and other creative fields through a selection of computational designers working today.
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Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, 2006-2020

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's, 2006-2020 monograph showcases the spectacular work of the firm from the first 15 years of its practice through drawings, renderings, model photography, photography of built work, competition entries, exhibition materials, master plans, interiors, and special research projects and publications.
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Typologies for Big Words

Lopez-Pineiro, Sergio
Typologies for Big Words is a collection of projects redesigning traditional building and landscape types as openings within the interiority of the current politico-economic global system.
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A Landscape Approach: From Local Communities to Territorial Systems

McCartney, Shelagh
The book promotes a landscape approach as a method for understanding and addressing the complex interdependent issues of environmental and climatic change, ecological degradation, and socio-cultural inequalities.
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