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Green Architecture: The work of Vo Trong Nghia | VTN Architects

VTN: Vo Trong Nghia
Green Architecture showcases the multi-faceted responses to these challenges conceived by the award winning studio VTN Architects, led by Vo Trong Nghia, in which the emphasis is placed on bringing greenery back to cities in a holistic and sustainable manner.
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Houses: Vo Trong Nghia & The Work of VTN Architects

VTN Vo Trong Nghia Vo Trong:
Rejecting the idea that 'green architecture' is merely planting trees on buildings, our architecture provides an eco-system for people to connect with nature.
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Resilience in Concrete: The Thomas P. Murphy Design Studio Building

Murphy: Riera Ojeda, O
A building that is not just a brilliant work of architecture in its own right but that also provides an inspiring, tailor-made environment in which to educate the architects of the future
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Subtropic: The Architecture of [STRANG]

Strang, Max
It is the architectural responses to site and climate that infuse the specific designs with character and identity, resulting in a uniquely Floridian version of modernism.
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Immersed: The California Houses of Feldman Architecture

Immersed - The California Houses of Feldman Architecture is an indepth look at 20 years of the firm's defining residential work spanning three areas: Urban, Suburban, and Rural. Feldman Architecture, a vibrant San Francisco-based studio, aims to create authentic, sitesensitive, sustainable spaces through a deeply collaborative process.
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From Provence to Mekong Delta: DE-SO Architects

DE-SO: Defrain, Francois
Both buildings integrate into their respective landscape and climate. The Bruoux en Provence building was built in 2010 and Can Gio in 2020 - 10 years later.
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JOY: Kim Utzon Architect

Betsky, Aaron
An essential volume for anyone interested in contemporary European architecture.
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China: Jose Gelabert-Navia

Gelabert-Navia, Jose
In my drawings I have tried to learn the lessons that might allow us to create for our time while never forgetting the past. In my drawings I have tried to understand the enduring value of this tradition and to learn the lessons that might allow us to create for our time while never forgetting the past.
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