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A New Theory of Urban Design

Alexander, Christoph
This radical new look at urban design asks why our modern cities so often lack a sense of natural growth, and suggests some guidelines for putting that `organic' character back into our High Streets and public buildings.
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A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction

Alexander, Christoph
In this volume, 253 archetypal patterns consisting of problem statements, discussions, illustrations, and solutions provide lay persons with a framework for engaging in architectural design.
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AIA Guide to New York City

AIA : White N & Willensky
"There are two reasons the guide has entered the pantheon of New York books. One is its encyclopedic nature, and the other is its inimitable style--'smart, vivid, funny and opinionated' as the architectural historian Christopher Gray once summed it up in pithy W & W fashion."--The New York Times
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Beauty: The Fortunes of an Ancient Greek Idea

Konstan D
What makes something beautiful? In this engaging, elegant study, David Konstan turns to ancient Greece to address the nature of beauty.
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Building America: The Life of Benjamin Henry Latrobe

Latrobe: (Professor of History Eme
Just as the revolutionaries of America sought to create a new society, so too did Benjamin Henry Latrobe seek to create buildings and oversee public works projects that would elevate the culture and society of the United States. This biography of Benjamin Henry Latrobe narrates the challenges to and triumphs of America's first professionally trained architect and engineer.
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Climate Change and the Health of Nations: Famines, Fevers, and the Fate of Populations

McMichael, Anthony (Emeritus Professor,
In Climate Change and the Health of Nations, renowned epidemiologist and climate change expert Anthony McMichael presents a sweeping and authoritative analysis of how human societies have been shaped by climate events. He connects cases of natural climate change to plagues throughout history, issuing a warning about how climate has and will continue to determine our futures.
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Coming Home to New Orleans: Neighborhood Rebuilding After Katrina

Seidman K
Coming Home to New Orleans documents grassroots rebuilding efforts in six New Orleans neighborhoods after hurricane Katrina, and draws lessons on their contribution to the post-disaster recovery of cities.
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Eastern Medieval Architecture: The Building Traditions of Byzantium and Neighboring Lands

Ousterhout, Robert G. (Professor Emeritu
The rich and diverse architectural traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean and adjacent regions are the subject of this book, including the social and cultural developments of the Byzantine Empire, the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Russia, as well as parallel developments in Crusader and early Islamic architecture.
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