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Princeton Architectural Press

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20 Over 80: Conversations with Legends of Architecture and Design

Kwun, Aileen & Smith B
A collection of intimate interview portraits of inspiring and enduring creatives from the fields of architecture and design.
257,00 kr
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Randl, Chad
257,00 kr
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Alvar Aalto Houses

Aalto: Jetsonen, Jari
Originally published in hardcover in 2011.
350,00 kr
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An Atlas of Geographical Wonders: From Mountaintops to Riverbeds

Palsky, Gilles
"Translation of the French edition by Michelle Bailat-Jones"--T.p. verso.
408,00 kr
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Architectural Regionalism

Canizaro, Vincent ~
Brings together over forty key essays illustrating the range of ideas embodied by the term. Authored by important critics, historians, and architects such as Kenneth Frampton, Lewis Mumford, Sigfried Giedion, and Alan Colquhoun, this book represents the history of regionalist thinking in architecture from the early twentieth century.
268,00 kr
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Architecture Oriented Otherwise

Leatherbarrow, David
The book argues for a shift of orientation in architectural thought, from what the building is to what it does.
292,00 kr
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Atlas of Novel Tectonics

Reiser, J. & Umemoto, N.
Organized as an accumulation of short chapters that address the workings of matter and force material science, the lessons of art and architectural history, and the influence of architecture on culture and vice versa. Here, the authors hone in on the many facets of architecture and illuminate their theories with great thought and simplicity.
187,00 kr
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Bernard Trainor: Ground Studio Landscapes

Trainor, Bernard
467,00 kr
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