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Tudoresque: In Pursuit of the Ideal Home

Ballantyne, Andrew & Law, Andrew
Andrew Ballantyne and Andrew Law give a perceptive, knowledgeable history of Tudor-style architecture, exploring the origin of the style in the eighteenth century, and traces its manifestations through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to the present day.
304,00 kr
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Landscape and Englishness

Matless D
A classic account of how landscape has been central to questions of 'Englishness' - of national identity, history and modernity, as well as concepts of citizenship and the body.
121,00 kr
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Reyner Banham Revisited

Williams, Richard J.
The iconoclastic critic of modern architecture and mass culture, Reyner Banham.
304,00 kr
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Extinct: A Compendium of Obsolete Objects

Penner, Barbara
353,00 kr
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Greece: Modern Architectures in History

Tzonis, A. & Rodi, A.
The picture that usually comes to mind when we think of Greek architecture is one of classical temples and ancient sites. This book takes a look at the Greece of reality rather than of the imagination the buildings constructed since the establishment of the modern Greek state.
304,00 kr
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City and Cosmos: The Medieval World in Urban Form

Lilley, Keith
An exploration of what 'the city' represented in the medieval imagination. Drawing upon original accounts, illustrations and maps from across medieval Europe, and on science, religion, art, literature, drama and architecture of the Latin West, it offers an interpretation of how medieval Christians saw their urban worlds.
304,00 kr
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Moon: Nature and Culture

Williams E
A witty and informative tale of everything lunar, tracing the moon's cultural resonance throughout humanity's history.
194,00 kr
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Islands: Nature and Culture

Royle S
Filled with illustrations, Islands is a comprehensive exploration of the geographical and cultural aspects of island life - their habitation and environments, their permanent residents and vast transitional populace, their colonial history and enduring appeal to people around the world.
194,00 kr
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Ruins and Fragments: Tales of Loss and Rediscovery

Harbison R
Ruins and Fragments is a wide-ranging, elliptical, engaging view of the history of modernity through the lens of the ruined and fragmentary. It explores literary fragments such as the plays of Aeschylus, as well as how writers - Joyce, Coleridge, Pound, T. S. Elliot - exploit fragmentary techniques and forms.
304,00 kr
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