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A Feeling of History

Zumthor, Peter
Peter Zumthor in dialogue with Mari Lending explores how history, time and temporalities reverberates across his oeuvre, a feeling of history has informed his continuous attempts of emotional reconstruction by means of building.
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Architecture of Infinity: A Film by Christoph Schaub

Schaub, Christoph
Swiss director Christoph Schaub's new film Architecture of Infinity explores the magic of sacred spaces and traces spirituality in architecture and fine arts as well as in nature, featuring architects Peter Zumthor, Peter Markli and Alvaro Siza, artists James Turell and Cristina Iglesias, and musician Jojo Mayer. In English and German.
340,00 kr
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Chandigarh Redux: Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Jane B. Drew, E. Maxwell Fry

Corbusier: Feiersinger, Martin
Chandigarh is an icon of modernist urban planning, viewed artistically in this book. Featuring many architectural details, and floor plans of selected buildings to show their characteristics.
408,00 kr
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Charlotte Perriand: Complete Works 1955-1968, Volume 3

Perriand: Barsac, Jacques
This is the first comprehensive monograph on Charlotte Perriand: a key figure in 20th-century design history - an invaluable source for scholars, dealers and collectors.
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Charlotte Perriand: Complete Works. Volume 4: 1968-1999

Barsac, Jacques
The concluding volume of the definitive comprehensive monograph on Charlotte Perriand in English, lavishly illustrated with a wealth of previously unpublished material
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Christian Menn: Bridges

Menn, Christian
The first comprehensive monograph on the work of Christian Menn, including photographs, plans and diagrams and presents previously unpublished material.
817,00 kr
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Christoph Schaub: Films on Architecture

Schaub C
10 film documentaries on architecture and architects, by film director Christoph Schaub, featuring work by celebrated architects.
350,00 kr
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City Lust: London Guangzhou Lagos Dubai Houston

Koolhaas, Charlie
An insightful book on globalised economy, intercontinental trade, gender roles and pop culture, incorporating a close investigation of urban processes of uniformity and of discrepancies between cultural standardisation and local diversity.
584,00 kr
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