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123 Seriously Smart Things You Need To Know About The Climate

Masters, Mathilda
A fun, well-structured collection of facts and trivia about the climate.
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321 Seriously Smart Things You Need To Know

Masters, Mathilda
321 surprising facts about flora and fauna, language, famous people, our planet earth and much more.
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3D Thinking in Design and Architecture: From Antiquity to the Future

Burrows R
A new interdisciplinary perspective on architecture and geometry--from Athenian Ruins to the Chrysler building
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5 in Five - BEDMaR & Shi: Reinventing Tradition in Contemporary Living

Bedmar: Oscar Riera Ojeda
Contains a wealth of drawings and plans that detail innovative construction techniques and the resulting houses are captued in a series of photographs showing the use of spaces and materials as well as the sites on which they sit. This title also includes a collection of five houses built in five different Asian-Pacific countries.
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A History of Ottoman Architecture

Goodwin G
Treating the subject chronologically and in historical perspective, this is a comprehensive survey of Ottoman architecture, with references to Byzantine, Persian and Selcuk examples and discussion of the effects of conquests, religions and social organization.
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Adjaye * Africa * Architecture: A Photographic Survey of Metropolitan Architecture

Adjaye: Allison P (Ed.)
The African continent contains some of the world's most vibrant culture and creativity, and yet its buildings - vernacular, colonial or contemporary - have rarely engaged the interest of Western architects. This seven-volume work is suitable for all those interested in the burgeoning continent.
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Adjaye * Africa * Architecture: A Photographic Survey of Metropolitan Architecture

Adjaye, David
David Adjaye is one of the worlds most exciting and accomplished architects, and has built many highly acclaimed houses and public buildings in the UK and USA. This title documents Adjaye's tribute to African metropolitan architecture.
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