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Building Community: New Apartment Architecture

Webb, Michael
The first major survey of contemporary apartment buildings that foster a sense of community while giving every resident an inspiring place to live.
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Architecture: A Modern View

Rogers, Richard
The crisis of modern architecture is part of a much larger crisis involving the whole question of the way we live and how we use the resources of our planet. This book deals with this topic.
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Geoffrey Bawa: The Complete Works

Bawa: Robson, D.
Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa fused local construction traditions with modern forms and sensibility to create harmonious and pleasurable buildings that have become legendary in the region and influential around the world. This volume is a documentation and appreciation of the man and his work.
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Make Yourself at Home

Torp, Signe
Exquisite collaged illustrations and two double gatefolds make this global tour of the world's most unusual houses rich and engaging.
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Victorian Modern: A Design Bible for the Victorian Home

Leevers, Jo
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Chair Anatomy: Design and Construction

Orrom, James
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May Morris: Arts & Crafts Designer

Mason, Anna
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