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Accessibility and Age Friendly

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Mobility Design: Shaping Future Mobility Volume 1: Practice

Eckart E & Voeckler, Kai
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Inside Retirement Housing: Designing, Developing and Sustaining Later Lifestyles

Clark, Sam (Cardiff University)
Through stories and visual vignettes, it presents a range of stakeholders involved in the design, construction, management and habitation of third-age housing in the UK, to highlight the importance of design decisions for the everyday lives of older people.
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Inclusive Design: Human First, Design Second

Rama Gheerawo
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Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Gaines, Kristi
Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders explains the influence of the natural and man-made environment on individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other forms of intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD).
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Urban Environments for Healthy Ageing: A Global Perspective

Lane, Anna
Bringing together stakeholders from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, this book presents new evidence and critical reviews of current knowledge to promote ongoing discussions on the challenges and opportunities of aged and highly urbanised populations.
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Making Disability Modern: Design Histories

Williamson, Bess
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A Solution to Homelessness In Your Town: Valley View Senior Housing, Napa County, California

Durrett, Charles
This groundbreaking homeless project was organised by American Canyon's city government, for older homeless people and homeless veterans of the area. This solution-oriented book shares the inspiring story of a compassionate & humane project.
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Designing for Accessibility

Centre for Accessible Environments CAE
The new edition of the best-selling Designing for Accessibility is a completely up-to-date and user-friendly good practice guide in the context of the Equality Act 2010. Aimed at all those seeking to fulfil their service provider duties under the Equality Act as well as architects, designers, facilities managers and a range of consumers.
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Access Audit Handbook: 2nd edition

Grant, Alison: Centre for Accessible Env
Straightforward advice about undertaking access audits and successfully communicating recommendations
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Age-friendly Housing

Park, Julia &
This book embeds the principles of how we should approach the design of future housing for an ageing population, reminding us that this is not about 'other people', but about each of us. This book focuses on anticipating the needs and aspirations of the next generation of older people.
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