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Accessibility and Age Friendly

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lost in space: Architecture and Dementia

Feddersen, Eckhard
How can we provide good spatial orientation for people with dementia? This book addresses this question extensively in a selection of professional essays and projects that also carve out specific requirements for various disciplines.
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Building for Dementia

Metzger C
Exploration of the aspects of design that need to be rethought in the light of the need for architecture for an ageing population including those with dementia.
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Housing for People of All Ages: flexible, unrestricted, senior-friendly

Schittich, Christian ~
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Disability, Space, Architecture: A Reader

Boys J
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Inclusive Design: Implementation and Evaluation

Maisel, Jordana
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Age-Friendly Cities and Communities: A Global Perspective

Buffel, Tine
This important book provides a comprehensive survey of different strategies for developing age-friendly communities, and the extent to which older people themselves can be involved in the co-production of age-friendly policies and practices.
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Accessible Housing: Quality, Disability and Design

Imrie, Rob
Considers the relationships between disability and housing design with a focus on the role of policy in addressing the housing needs of disabled people. This book and sets out debates about the nature of housing, quality and design. It brings a range of approaches to accessible design in housing to the forefront of debate.
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Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Gaines, Kristi
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Livable Communities for Aging Populations: Urban Design for Longevity

Ball, Scott
Written by an architect with Duany Plater-Zyberk with expertise in design for an aging society, this is a guide to urban planning and urban design solutions to accommodate the needs of a population aging in place in both existing and new communities of various scales.
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