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Asmara: Africa's Jewel of Modernity

Visscher, J
The impressive photographs by Stefan Boness convey the unique atmosphere of Asmara as a living museum of modernity.
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Architectural Guide South Africa: Architectural Guide

Clarke, Nicholas
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Architecture in Asmara: Colonial Origin and Postcolonial Experience

Volgger, P
The ancient city of Asmara is the capital of Eritrea and its largest settlement. Its beautiful architecture was rediscovered by outsiders in the early 1990s. In this book, the authors offer an original analysis of the colonial city, providing a history not only of the physical and visible urban reality, but also of a second, invisible city as it ex
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Cairo - Desert Cities

Ruby Press
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Addis Ababa. A Manifesto On African Progress

E.a., Dirk E. Hebel
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Developing Architecture: Learning From Sierra Leone

Architecture Sans Frontieres Denmark
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Cairo: Revitalising a Historic Metropolis

Aga Khan Trust
This text discusses the original plan for the Azhar Park approved in 1990 and the park's subsequent creation, as well as the restoration of a large part of the old Ayyubid city walls. Also included is a socio-economic study of the district of al-Dard-al-Ahmar.
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Egyptian Places: An Illustrated Travelogue

Ayon, Henry David
This body of work is a contemplation of human beings passage on earth and their intimate interrelation with the environment.
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Cairo since 1900: An Architectural Guide

Elshahed, Mohamed
The city of a thousand minarets is also the city of eclectic modern constructions, turn-of-the-century revivalism and romanticism, concrete expressionism, and modernist design
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Coptic Monasteries Art and Architecture of Early Christian Egypt

Gabra G
Egypt, the birthplace of communal monasticism, has a rich source of monasteries and monastic art. This volume takes the reader on a tour of the best preserved and most significant of these ancient centres, documenting in detail the richness of the Coptic heritage.
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