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Living With Modernity: Brasilia - Chandigarh

Baan, Iwan
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Mexican Architectures: The Best of the 21st Century, 2019-2020

Adria, Miquel
Surveying the cutting edge of Mexican architecture from the past two years.
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Fifth Avenue: Architecture and Society: History of America's Street of Dreams

Broderick, Mosette
This book seeks to recreate Fifth Avenue as it grew, flourished and failed. Over 200 archive photographs help tell the story of Fifth Avenue's 19th- and early 20th-century architecture and society.
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Lima la Moderna: European Migration and Peruvian Architecture 1937-1969

Atoche Intili, Javier
A monograph focusing on the study of the most active European designers in 1940s Peru, including the Austrian Richard Neutra, the German-born Paul Lester Wiener and the Spaniard Josep Lluis Sert.
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The Making of Mexican Modernist Architecture

Arredondo Zambrano, Celia Esther
This book presents the making of Mexican modernist architecture mainly through five power structures : academic, social status, economic/political, gender, and post-colonial, and through interviews with thirteen key Mexican architects.
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Guide to Chicago's Twenty-First-Century Architecture

Chicago Architecture Center
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Mae Luiza: Building Optimism

Andrade, Ion De
The astonishing transformation of a Brazilian favela.
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Hamptons Modern: Contemporary Living on the East End

Sokol, David
A visual celebration of New York's Legendary summer retreat as the vanguard of residential design today
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Chicago: Architectural Guide

Belogolovsky, Vladimir
This book looks at Chicago through the prism of Post-Modernism by presenting 100 structures, most of which were created after the turn of the millennium with building descriptions supplemented by introductory essays and interviews with Chicago architects including Stanley Tigerman, Helmut Jahn Jeanne Gang.
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