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City of Wooden Houses: Georgetown, Guyana

Merrell Publishing
Georgetown's architecture was molded by the French, Dutch, British and Spanish during the C18th/C19th and built in a classical style reinterpreted by local craftsmen largely in wood. The book gives a brief history of Georgetown, explaining the various house types with photographs of the buildings and their particular features
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(Re)Generating Inclusive Cities: Poverty and Planning in Urban North America

Zuberi, D
(Re)Generating Inclusive Cities explores urban revitalization across North America, in cities including: San Francisco, Toronto, Boston, Vancouver, New York and Seattle.
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Decoding Manhattan: Island of Diagrams, Maps, and Graphics

Antonis Antoniou
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Santa Fe Modern: Contemporary Design in the High Desert

Thompson, Helen
First survey of modernist and contemporary architecture and interiors in the richly layered architectural history of Santa Fe
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New York: Architectural Guide: A Critic's Guide to 100 Iconic Buildings in New York from 1999 to 2020

Belogolovsky, Vladimir
This architectural guide brings together 100 of the most original structures built in New York City since 1999. Vladimir Belogolovsky pairs them with such nicknames as Guillotine, Peacock, Shark's Fin, Turtle Shell, and Woodpecker. The New York-based author's selection covers buildings realized by the world's most renowned architects in a period wh
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California Style

Mola, Francesc Zamora
An illustrated collection of chic houses and apartments, showcasing the work of the most relevant interior designers of the San Francisco Bay area.
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Los Angeles Modernism Revisited - Houses by Neutra, Schindler, Ain and Contemporaries

Neutra: Nierhaus, Andreas
A revisitation of modernist houses by Richard Neutra, Rudolph M. Schindler and their contemporaries in California, offering uniquely intimate insights into a sophisticated way of life and presenting the buildings in their present state.
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Brutalist Washington Map

Blue Crow
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Concrete Dreams: Practice, Value, and Built Environments in Post-Crisis Buenos Aires

D'Avella, Nicholas
Nicholas D'Avella offers an ethnographic reflection on the value of buildings in post-crisis Buenos Aires, showing how everyday practices transform buildings into politically, economically, and socially consequential objects, and arguing that such local forms of value and practice suggest possibilities for building better futures.
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