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Architectural Graphics

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The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings, Fifth Edition

Wakita O et.al.
The detailed, highly illustrated, comprehensive guide to architectural working drawings The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings is a complete guide to the skills you need to create a set of drawings that clearly and effectively communicate your design.
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Architecture Workbook: Design through Motive

Cook, Peter
"Rich in examples and immediate in narrative, the book proffers the sort of insights that you might gain from a chat with Peter Cook in person"--
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Why are Most Buildings Rectangular?: And Other Essays on Geometry and Architecture

Steadman P
Bringing together a dozen essays and papers written over the last twelve years, this book provides a unique collection of Philip Steadman's investigation of the geometry of architectural and urban form.
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Diagramming the Big Idea: Methods for Architectural Composition

Balmer, Jeffrey (Jeffrey Balmer is an as
In the second edition of Diagramming the Big Idea, Jeffrey Balmer and Michael T. Swisher illustrate how you can create and use diagrams to clarify your understanding of both particular projects and organizing principles and ideas.
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How Drawings Work: A User-Friendly Theory

Palladino, Susan C. (Washington
How Drawings Work cheekily explains that what architects make is information that enables other people to make buildings.
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Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio: The Only Primer You'll Ever Need

Fletcher M
Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio provides a much-needed detailed focus to the art of designing a compelling and effective architectural portfolio. While no design process is truly linear, Fletcher's categorization of the complex architectural portfolio design process into achievable segments creates a straightforward and understandable step-by-step method.
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Sketching for Engineers and Architects

Slade, Ron E.
Using real working drawings from a 50 year career, Ron Slade shows how drawing remains at the heart of the design process in the everyday working life of engineers and architects.
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A Guide to Preparing your Portfolio

Bowstead, John M.
This guide is aimed at all designers and artists already working in the visual arts field, as well as those just starting out or in art education who need to either compile or brush up their portfolio for jobs, commissions, art college or presentations. It covers everything you need to consider.
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