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Architectural Graphics

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Seeing Differently: Miami Color Theory

Paresky Gould, Laura
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The World of Urban Sketching: Celebrating the Evolution of Drawing and Painting on Location Around the Globe - New Inspirations to See Your World One Sketch at a Time

Bower, Stephanie
From artist, UrbanSketchers.org correspondent, and Quarry Books author Stephanie Bower, The World of Urban Sketching is a celebration of the art form from every part of the world, with a focus on its continued vitality and growing diversity, showcasing the evolution, techniques, and variety of artwork and artists.
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Corporate Design: The Latest from Germany

Bingel, Odo-Ekke Bingel
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The Pocket Guide to Perspective: A Step-by-Step Approach

Herman, Professor Maurice
This step-by-step Pocket Guide will teach you how to draw stunningly beautiful perspectives, complete with reflections and shadows.
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Computational Drawing: From Foundational Exercises to Theories of Representation

Lostritto, Carl
This book explores computation, specifically the craft of writing computer code, as a medium for drawing. Exercises, essays, algorithms, diagrams and drawings are woven together to offer instruction, insight and theories that are valuable to practising architects, artists and scholars.
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The Art of the Architect

Imber, Michael G
The Art of the Architect celebrates the role that drawing and watercolour painting play in architecture. Rich in examples of the art and philosophy that have inspired the author over the years, this book is both an ode to a precious art form, and a visual delight to anyone who may turn its pages.
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Model Making for Architects

Driscoll, Matt
Model making is a beautiful and skilful craft, and architectural model making is a vital part of the building process. The architectural model is often the first time that a building is visualized in 3D. It can capture the excitement of the architect's vision but can also reveal unforeseen difficulties. This book deals with this topic.
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A Practical Guide to Architectural Drawing: RIBA Collections

Denison, Edward
A visually stunning celebration of architectural drawing, aimed at students, sourced exclusively from the RIBA Collection.
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Drawing in Architecture Education and Research: Lucerne Talks

Biechteler, Heike
An inspiring compendium and reference book on the role and importance of drawing in architectural education and practice.
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