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Architectural Graphics

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Beautiful Geometry

Maor E & Jost E
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Colour for Architecture Today

Porter, T and MiIkelides, B
Helps readers understand the role and impact of colour in urban spaces. This book covers topics such as: how and why we see colour; methodologies in the documentation of traditional colours; the development of new urban palettes; colour psychology research; and, the effect of light levels on human behaviour.
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New Scandinavian Graphic Design

Sandu Publications
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Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics

Nakamichi, Tomoko
Looks at working with stretch and jersey fabric. This book shows how to work with stretch fabrics and how to cut patterns that exploit their properties with truly original results.
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Archidoodle: An Architect's Activity Book

Bowkett, Steve
Provides an interactive way to learn about architecture. Filled with an array of beautiful and elegant drawings, this title poses all manner of architectural challenges for the user: from designing your own skyscraper, to drawing an island house or creating a Constructivist monument, and more.
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Perspective: and Other Optical Illusions

McNoughton, Phoebe
Beginning with the evolution of visual perspective, McNaughton reveals how and why illusions work. She offers optical illusions to suggest to readers that the world they perceive is in fact a complex product of their brains, constructed from the sensory data. Illustrations.
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Mapping It Out: An Alternative Atlas of Contemporary Cartographies

Obrist H
Features over 130 leading lights from different fields artists, architects, writers and designers, geographers, mathematicians, computer pioneers, scientists who make sense of exterior and interior worlds through highly personal and imaginative maps and charts. This book reflects on the relationship between maps, literature and knowledge.
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Making Marks: Architects' Sketchbooks - The Creative Process

Jones, Will
A rich and varied glimpse into the creative processes of a broad array of contemporary architects.
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A Visual Dictionary of Architecture 2e

Ching, Francis
The classic, bestselling reference on architecture now revised and expanded! An essential one-volume reference of architectural topics using Francis D.K. Ching's signature presentation. It is the only dictionary that provides concise, accurate definitions illustrated with finely detailed, hand-rendered drawings.
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Biomimetics for Designers: Applying Nature's Processes & Materials in the Real World

Kapsali, Veronika
The importance of biomimetics - imitating life's natural processes - has been known for years and designers have often looked to nature for formal solutions. This book presents many examples, showing each natural phenomenon alongside its application, with an accessible explanation of the biology and the story of the design.
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