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Architectural Graphics

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A Dictionary of Color Combinations

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The Use of Colour in Architecture

Broto, C
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Architectural Drawings: Hidden Masterpieces from Sir John Soane's Museum

Soane: Sands, F
A visual and comprehensive compilation of some the finest architectural drawings from Sir John Soane's extensive collection.
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Golden Section: Nature's Greatest Secret

Olsen, S
What was the golden secret known to Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, Plato and the ancient magicians? Can there really be a key to nature and life itself? This book aims to unravel a mystery, a code that seems to underly life, the universe and everything, a pattern we instinctively recognise as beautiful, and which nature herself uses at every scale.
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European Building Construction Illustrated

Ching, Francis D.K.
The first European edition of Francis DK Ching s classic visual guide to the basics of building construction. For nearly four decades, the US publication Building Construction Illustrated has offered an outstanding introduction to the principles of building construction.
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Anime Architecture: Imagined Worlds and Endless Megacities

Riekeles, Stefan
The definitive visual guide to the cityscapes and buildings of the most celebrated and influential anime movies.
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Sketchbooks: Collected Measured Drawings and Architectural Sketches

Smith, George Saumarez
George Saumarez Smith is one of Britain's foremost classical architects. His sketchbooks display a supreme mastery that goes beyond technique and assumes the status of art.
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Formulations: Architecture, Mathematics, Culture

Witt, Andrew
An investigation of mathematics as it was drawn, encoded, imagined, and interpreted by architects on the eve of digitization in the mid-twentieth century.
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Handbook of Tyranny

Deutinger, Theo
Notebook of Tyranny portrays the routine cruelties of the twenty-first century through a series of detailed non-fictional graphic illustrations. None of these cruelties represent extraordinary violence- they reflect day-to-day implementation of laws and regulations around the globe.
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