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Architectural Graphics

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Manual of Section: Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, and David J. Lewis

Lewis, P
The first comprehensive book about section in architecture, containing 63 newly constructed, highly detailed cross-section perspectives of key buildings from the past 100 years
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Draw It: Tools, Techniques and Methods

Craig, Lynn
A compact, portable drawing resource book of over 200 highly illustrated pages of sketching and drawing techniques, the book is crafted to be a companion tool which is tucked in your travel gear and referred to regularly. The book is durable with helpful colour-coded pages to cross reference with demonstrated drawing tools. The book is organised i
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The Book of Drawings + Sketches - Architecture

Uffelen, Chris van
After the success of Architectural Visions, with its focus on the German speaking countries, this volume is devoted to the individual handwriting of architects and designers from around the world. It shows more clearly which aesthetic impression the planned building finally leaves behind than any number of computer aided visualisation techniques.
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Fabricate - Negotiating Design and Making

Gramazio F, Kohler, Matthias; Langenbe
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Architectural Diagrams 2: Construction and Design Manual

Pyo , Miyoung
In the last few decades, the "diagram" has evolved into a constitutive, generative medium for the architectural design process and is now an everyday term used in the context of design. The diagram represents an imaginative process that enables architects to transform typologies, figures, and models using analogue and digital design procedures. Thi
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WWW Drawing: Architectural Drawing From Pencil to Pixel

Hadighi, Mehrdad
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The Urban Sketching Handbook Drawing with a Tablet: Easy Techniques for Mastering Digital Drawing on Location: Volume 9

Kelkar, Uma
Urban Sketching Handbook: Drawing with a Tablet presents step-by-step instruction on how to draw with a tablet on location.
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We Build Drawings

Frost, Mikkel
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Drawing Ideas

Baskinger M
Focuses on the three key types of drawing, explanatory sketches, notational sketches and visual narratives that help designers think through and communicate their ideas. Through these three fundamentals, this title provides a course in creating clear graphic layouts and diagrams, including expressive human forms, and thumbnailing a process.
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