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Architectural Guides

Good architecture can be found across the world. The architectural guides by DOM publishers are far more than just studious architectural reference books – they are expedition guides into the unknown and give way to new perspectives on a sometimes foreign world. Furthermore, they help to understand that the architecture of a city is more than the sum of its attractions.

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Sub-Saharan Africa: Architectural Guide

Meuser P
An architectural guide to Sub-Saharan Africa.
1 444,00 kr
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Japan: Architectural Guide

Bognar, Botond
481,00 kr
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Rotterdam: Architectural Guide

Bokern, Anneke
385,00 kr
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London: Twentieth Century Housing Projects

Ruimschotel, Tjerk
385,00 kr
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Milan: Architectural Guide

Berizzi, Carlo
From the 1920s onwards, Milan has become a laboratory of architecture due to architects such as Giuseppe Terragni, Gio Ponti and Giuseppe Pagano. Magazines such as Domus and Casabella were founded in the 1920s which influenced international debate throughout the 20th century. A new trend arose following the reconstruction of the city due to damages
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Berlin: Architectural Guide

Schendel, Dominik
In no other place have changing ideologies and urban designs inscribed themselves on the city structure in such a way as in Berlin. This rich collection representing the most diverse urban areas and architectural styles will enable the reader to make a journey through history, from medieval Alt-Berlin to the present day. Four walks lead to the prom
180,00 kr
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Moon: Architectural Guide

Meuser, Paul
385,00 kr
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Rome: Architectural Guide

Kavalirek, Marina
385,00 kr
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