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Architectural History and Styles

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Thrive: A field guide for women in architecture

Singha, Sumita
A practical guide for students and architects which explores the history of women in architecture and examines how the profession can better serve women in future.
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Wide Angle View: Architecture as social space in the Manplan series 1969-70

Valeria Carullo
The companion exhibition catalogue to the RIBA's photography exhibition: Wide Angle View: Architecture as social space in the Manplan series 1969-70.
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Architect: The evolving story of a profession

Jolliffe, Eleanor
Focusing on the practicalities of the profession and the intangible motivations behind design, this book provides a critical overview of 3000 years of architectural practice and education.
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Architecture: From Prehistory to Climate Emergency

Calder, Barnabas
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50 Architecture Ideas You Really Need to Know

Wilkinson, Philip
Master the architectural ideas that have shaped the world we live in today.
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The British Empire Through Buildings: Structure, Function and Meaning

MacKenzie, John M.
Imperialism is strikingly represented in its buildings. This work illuminates the dispersal of colonial culture and religious forms, social classes, and racial divisions over two centuries, from the establishment of colonial rule to a post-colonial world. It will be a vital reading for all students of imperial history and global material culture. -- .
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Building Britannia: A History of Britain in Twenty-Five Buildings

Parissien, Steven
The history of Britain told through the stories of twenty-five notable buildings, from the Iron Age fortification of Maiden Castle in Dorset to the Gherkin.
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