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Architectural Theory

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How to Thrive at Architecture School: A Student Guide

Spiller, Neil
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Think Like An Architect: How to develop critical, creative and collaborative problem-solving skills

Deutsch, Randy
Do you know how to think like an architect? Do you know why you should? How do you make sure that you have the critical thinking tools necessary to prosper in your academic and professional career? This book gives you the answers.
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To See Clearly: Why Ruskin Matters

Cooper, Suzanne Fagence
'To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, religion, all in one' - how the workds of John Ruskin can teach us how to see our own world more clearly
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Analysing Architecture: The universal language of place-making

Unwin, Simon (University of Dundee, UK)
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BuildHer: Empowering women to build & renovate their dream home

Hannon, Kribashini
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Raising the Roof: Women Architects Who Broke Through the Glass Ceiling

Toromanoff, Agata
This timely book celebrates the inspirational achievements of women architects in every corner of the world.
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The Fountainhead

Rand, Ayn
Tells the story of Howard Roark, a brilliant architect who dares to stand alone against the hostility of second-hand souls. First published in 1943, this novel presents a view of man's creative potential. It is about ambition, power, gold and love.
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The Poetics of Space

Bachelard G
Beloved and contemplated by philosophers, architects, writers, and literary theorists alike, this book examines the places in which we place our conscious and unconscious thoughts and guides us through a stream of cerebral meditations on poetry, art, and the blooming of consciousness itself.
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The Architecture of Happiness

Botton, Alain De
What makes a house truly beautiful? Why are many new houses so ugly? Why do we argue so bitterly about sofas and pictures - and can differences of taste ever be satisfactorily resolved? This book explores one of our most intense but often hidden love affairs: with our houses and their furnishings.
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