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Architectural Theory

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Universal Principles of Architecture: 100 Architectural Archetypes, Methods, Conditions, Relationships, and Imaginaries: Volume 7

WAI Architecture Think Tank
Universal Principles of Architecture is a concise, visual introduction to 100 of the most fundamental elements of architecture.
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architect, verb.: The New Language of Building

De Graaf, Reinier
Leading architect Reinier de Graaf punctures the myths of contemporary architecture
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Peter Swinnen: I prefer not to

Swinnen, Peter
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Embodied Time: Temporal Cues in Built Spaces

Nute, Kevin
Embodied Time endeavors to demonstrate how built environments can be designed to evoke positive recollections of the past, interactions with the present, and anticipations of the future.
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Kojin Karatani's Philosophy of Architecture

Lahiji, Nadir (University of Pennsylvani
In this book, Nadir Lahiji introduces Kojin Karatani's theoretical-philosophical project and demonstrates its affinity with Kant's critical philosophy founded on 'architectonic reason'. This is the first book to uncover Kojin Karatani's highly significant ideas on architecture for both philosophical and architectural audiences.
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Architecture and the Public World: Kenneth Frampton

Frampton, Kenneth (Columbia University,
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The Interior Urbanism Theory Reader

Marinic, Gregory
The Interior Urbanism Theory Reader expands our understanding of urbanism, interiority, and publicness from a global perspective across time and cultures. It will appeal to scholars, practitioners, students, and enthusiasts of urbanism, architecture, planning, interiors, and the social sciences.
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Impossible and Hyper-Real Elements of Architecture: Exercises, Provocations, and Theories of Digital Representation

Lostritto, Carl
Impossible and Hyper-Real Elements of Architecture addresses how and why architects, artists, and designers manipulate reality. Front and centre in this discourse is the role of rendering.
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The Architect and the Academy: Essays on Research and Environment

Hawkes, Dean
This book presents an expansive overview of the development of architectural and environmental research, with authoritative essays spanning Dean Hawkes' impressive 50-year academic career.
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