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Architectural Theory

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Wide Angle View: Architecture as social space in the Manplan series 1969-70

Valeria Carullo
The companion exhibition catalogue to the RIBA's photography exhibition: Wide Angle View: Architecture as social space in the Manplan series 1969-70.
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Emerging Ecologies: Architecture and the Rise of Environmentalism

Chan, Carson
This is the first comprehensive study of the history of environmental thinking in architecture at any major institution globally.
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Universal Principles of Architecture: 100 Architectural Archetypes, Methods, Conditions, Relationships, and Imaginaries: Volume 7

WAI Architecture Think Tank
Universal Principles of Architecture is a concise, visual introduction to 100 of the most fundamental elements of architecture.
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Architecture and Abstraction

Aureli, Pier Vittorio
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Peter Swinnen: I prefer not to

Swinnen, Peter
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Touching Architecture: Affective Atmospheres and Embodied Encounters

Brand, Anthony
This book is about perception, emotion, and affect in architecture: how and why we feel the way that we do, and the ways in which our surroundings and bodies contribute to this.
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Buildings Used: Human Interactions with Architecture

Lefa, Nora
Buildings Used takes the reader on an exploration into the impact of use on buildings and users.
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Jorn Utzon and Transcultural Essentialism

Carter, Adrian (Bond University, Austral
The volume includes numerous previously unpublished photographs, drawings and interviews with Utzon's family members, former students and colleagues, offering a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge for any architecture scholar interested in Utzon's work and design principles.
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Interior Realms

Cetrulo, Andrea
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