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The Ruins of Ani: A Journey to Armenia's Medieval Capital and its Legacy

Balakian, Krikor
2 034,76 ₽
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Concrete Siberia: Soviet Landscapes of the Far North

2 038,84 ₽
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Before, After Image Koshirakura Landscape 1996-2006

Egashira, Shin
Each summer for the past ten years the AA's Shin Egashira has organised a workshop in the remote village of Koshirakura, north of Tokyo. The students attending leave behind a structure designed to improve in some way the lives of the inhabitants. This book documents these workshops through texts, diaries and images.
2 039,86 ₽
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Japan's Wooden Heritage: A Journey Through a Thousand Years of Architecture

Terunobu, Fujimori
5 303,63 ₽
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Designing Reform: Architecture in the People's Republic of China, 1970-1992

Roskam, Cole
Investigating the rich architecture of post-Mao China and its broad cultural impact
4 589,68 ₽
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Designs in Iron of the City of Tehran

Nazar Publishing
3 722,74 ₽
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Walkable Cities in High Density China: Livable, Healthy and Sustainable

Wang, Lan
Explores the design innovation developed to create a 'walkable' environment in high-density cities - using Shanghai and Shenzhen as examples - showing how to make cities more liveable, healthier and friendlier, by making them walkable and overall more sustainable.
2 646,72 ₽
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Made in Shanghai

Xiangning, Li
A celebration of the architecturally eclectic make-up of Shanghai. It includes city landmarks (the Oriental Pearl TV Tower), city legends (Dragon-pillared overpass on Yan'an Road), cultural sites (the Great World and Shanghai 1933), the unapproved construction projects (pigeon houses), and slums (Hongzhen Old Street).
1 626,79 ₽
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Haikyo: The Modern Ruins of Japan

Thoms, S
Dotted over Japan from north to south, hundreds of abandoned abodes lay forgotten and left to
2 034,76 ₽
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