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Principles of Neo-Plastic Art: Bauhausbucher 6, 1925

Van, Doesburg,,Theo
Architect, theorist, dadaist-van Doesburg describes the circumstances of being an artist in the increasingly capitalistic twentieth century
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Jean Molitor: bau1haus- modernism around the globe

Barth, Nadine
The Bauhaus legacy: Jean Molitor tracks down a legend
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Bauhaus Construct: Fashioning Identity, Discourse and Modernism

Saletnik, Jeffrey
Looking at the status and meaning of Bauhaus objects in relation to the school's history, this book features contributions from some of the most brilliant scholars writing in the field. It offers a fresh treatment of the Bauhaus school and re-examines the history of the Bauhaus and its continuing legacy.
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Bauhaus Goes West: Modern Art and Design in Britain and America

Powers, Alan
An exploration of the Bauhaus school and its legacy in the context of the modernist period, including its wider influence on art, design, and education.
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Walter Gropius: Visionary Founder of the Bauhaus

Gropius: MacCarthy F
After Gropius' agonized decision to leave Nazi Germany in 1933, she explores his life in exile by tracing how a disorientating period in London evolved into a peaceful marriage with Ise Gropius and his late starring role in twentieth-century architecture in America.
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Bauhaus Culture: From Weimar To The Cold War

Chakraborty, Kathleen James
Analyzes the accomplishments and dispels the myths of the Bauhaus. This book investigates its professors' and students' interactions with mass culture; establishes the complexity of its relationship with Wilhelmine, Nazi, and postwar German politics. It provides insights on the Bauhaus from a historical perspective.
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The ABC's of Triangle, Square, Circle: The Bauhaus and Design Theory

Lupton, Ellen
On title page "[triangle square circle]" appears as the shapes.
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Bauhaus Women: A Global Perspective

Otto & Roessler Patrick
Forty five key women of the Bauhaus movement.
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International Architecture: BAUHAUSBUECHER 1

Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo
This first English translation of Volume 1 of the Bauhausbucher allows the reader to broaden his or her view of German architectural history by placing the achievements of the Bauhaus in an international context and by documenting and capturing its philosophy of reform.
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Paul Klee Pedagogical Sketchbook: Bauhausbucher 2, 1925

Klee, ,Paul
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