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Alexander Wong: Archiphantasy

Wong, A.
in this highly-anticipated monograph, Alexander Wong presents a selection of incisive essays on contemporary architecture and design concepts, along with a wide range of magnificently photographed works.
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Public Restroom Design

Suchail, Jacky
- Forty designs show how the public loo can become public art Restrooms are inescapably important amenities, but something of a grey zone when it comes to design.
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Japanese Residence

This book brings together more than 60 distinctive Japanese residential and interior designs. These projects illustrate designers who pay great attention to people's daily lives. The houses in this book offer an exciting look at where Japanese housing design is going.
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Moving to Mars: Design for the Red Planet

McGuirk, Justin
This book accompanies the Mars exhibition opening at the Design Museum in October 2019. It focusses on the role of design in making the possibility of travelling to Mars and living on Mars possible.
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The Secret Spirit of Korean Architecture

Bongryol Kim
A response to the international interest in Korean architecture, its tangible historical and contemporary forms, and a multidisciplinary contribution to the discourse that has resulted in writing and audiovisual output exploring principal features and themes, materials, techniques and methodologies particular to the genre.
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Scotstyle: 100 Years of Scottish Architecture 1916-2015

Baxter, Neil; Sinclair, Fiona (eds)
This book describes 100 of the best buildings in Scotland since 1916, a period of unprecedented social and technological change. Bringing together highly detailed knowledge, significant insight and a liberal sprinkling of anecdote, this is more than an account of 100 individual buildings, it is a rich history of endeavour, creativity and pride.
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Fluid Structures: Adventures in Engineering

Crookes, David
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Encyclopaedia of Architectural Terms

Curl J S
A practical guide to the terminology used in the various aspects of architecture and building. It contains over 3,500 terms offering definitions of styles, the components of buildings, materials, the various parts of orders, architectural details and more.
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