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Fifty Paintings: Anthony Ames Architect

Ames, Anthony
The paintings in this book depict 'object-type' - general yet specific, generic yet designed, familiar yet estranged. They are 'Purist' forms depicted in a still life landscape.
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Look Up!: New York City

Rubin, Lauren
An architecture book, an activity book, a history book and an art book all rolled into one. For readers of all ages, an imaginative, creative and fun trip around New York.
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Gathering: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Bohlin: Lubell, Sam
Good buildings require an understanding of the principles of structure, light, and space, but great buildings require an understanding of people. This book includes a collection of fourteen projects design by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.
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Library as Stoa: Public Space and Academic Mission in Snohetta's Charles Library

Wingert-Playdon, Kate
Library as Stoa is a reflection on the building design and construction in essays and photographs of Snohetta's Charles Library at Temple University.
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Pratt Sessions Volume 2

Pratt: Erdman, David
Pratt Sessions presents a series of conversations between notable practitioners and thinkers. It is a distributed symposium that is curated and yet open-ended.
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Housing Northwest Arkansas: A Challenge, An Initiative, A Response

MacKeith, Peter
Housing Northwest Arkansas presents a 2018 initiative exploring optimal approaches to guide the growth of Northwest Arkansas and to maintain the quality of life distinguishing the region, through an in-depth exploration and design of mixed-use, mixed-income attainable housing.
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Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA: Grace Farms; Source Books in Architecture

Wilke, Benjamin
Ryue Nishizawa was the Herbert Baumer Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Knowlton School of Architecture during the 2016-17 academic year. Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA : Grace Farms is the thirteenth book in the Source Books in Architecture series.
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Moody Nolan Design Volume 2

Nolan, Moody
Moody Nolan Design, Vol. 2 spans 2013 to 2019 and reflects the completed projects and conceptual ideas of a firm committed to excellence with a purpose. With a focus on 'responsive architecture,' Moody Nolan bridges the divides between architecture and engineering, art and science, what is possible and what is purposeful.
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