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Humanise: A Maker's Guide to Building Our World

Heatherwick, Thomas
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Hortus Conclusus: Gardens for Private Homes

Uffelen, Chris van
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Beyond Wild: Gardens and Landscapes by Raymond Jungles

Jungles, Raymond
Monograph on Raymond Jungles, a contemporary landscape architect based in Miami known for innovative but timeless design and a commitment to ethical stewardship of the land.
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Rogue: Art of a Garden

Eckersley, Rick
Rick Eckersley's garden at Musk Cottage is a deeply personal expression both of his respect for Australia's unique flora and ecologies and his unfettered, almost painterly approach to garden design. Both wild and directed, ancient and contemporary, it is a landscape of contradictions.
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Speaking of Architecture: Interviews About What Comes Next, with Mark Foster Gage

Gage, Mark Foster
This remarkable collection of casual, informative, and personal interviews engages fifteen architects as they reveal what made them who they are, what propels their architectural work forward, and what they anticipate comes next.
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The Pleasure Garden, from Vauxhall to Coney Island

Conlin J
The Pleasure Garden, from Vauxhall to Coney Island draws together the work of musicologists, art historians, and scholars of urban studies and landscape design to explore the attractions and interactions of the pleasure garden, from the opening of Vauxhall in the seventeenth century to the amusement parks of the early twentieth.
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Planting the Natural Garden

Oudolf, Piet
Fans of Piet Oudolf will revel in this updated edition of the book that helped launch his career.
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Designing the Computational Image, Imagining Computational Design

Llach, Daniel Cardoso
Designing the Computational Image, Imagining Computational Design explores this period of remarkable inventiveness, and traces its repercussions on architecture and other creative fields through a selection of computational designers working today.
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