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British Architecture

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Dungeness: Coastal Architecture

Bradbury, Dominic
The Kent coastal strip of Dungeness is a unique environment. It has enticed many architects, artists, photographers and creative thinkers, including renowned artist and film-maker Derek Jarman. Design writer Dominic Bradbury is your guide to this border landscape with 16 stunning case studies of homes, both non-domestic buildings and new builds.
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London National Park City: Greater London Area Urban Nature Map

Urban Good
The massive map includes all of the parks, woodlands, playing fields, nature reserves, city farms, rivers, canals, and all the spaces that contribute to London's parkland. Some of the most iconic walks through and around London are drawn along with symbols marking places to swim outdoors, climb peaks, pitch a tent or go kayaking.
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An Opinionated Guide To Independent London

Lepere, Imogen
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A Passion For Places: England Through the Eyes of John Betjeman

Meara, David
Former Archdeacon of London David Meara explores some of John Betjeman's favourite churches, cathedrals and secular buildings.
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The Council House

Young, Jack
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House in the Country: Where Our Suburbs and Garden Cities Came From and Why it's Time to Leave Them Behind

Matthews, Simon
For nearly 150 years living in a house in the country has been what many of us aspire to. This book explores how this idea was imported from the US by Ebenezer Howard, founder of the garden city movement, the impact it has had in the UK and why, on cost and environmental grounds, it's time to move on from this approach....
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London Villages: Explore the City's Best Local Neighbourhoods

Alkayat, Zena
An intimate guide to the villages of London, filled with great ideas for days out which will delight tourists and locals alike.
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The 500 Hidden Secrets of London

Greig, Tom
A practical guide to London's finest and most interesting places, buildings, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, neighbourhoods, gardens and cafes. Revised and updated.
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Waterloo Sunrise: London from the Sixties to Thatcher

Davis, Dr John
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