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Children's Books for Christmas

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How Was That Built?: The Stories Behind Awesome Structures

Agrawal, Roma
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Atlas of Amazing Architecture: The most incredible buildings you've (probably) never heard of

Allen, Peter
A truly inclusive celebration of architecture around the world and across the ages.
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Our Green City

Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
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Gaudi - Architect of Imagination

Katz, Susan B.
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Hidden Cities: Explore Beneath Your Feet and Above Your Head

Esteban, Susana
Discover the most diverse and curious cities and what they hide underground.
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The Power of Architecture: 25 Modern Buildings from Around the World

Roeder, Annette
From private residences to affordable housing, stadiums to factories, museums to libraries- this book takes young readers across continents to learn how architecture is improving the world one building at a time.
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Colour and Create 1 and 2 Bundle

Bundle includes Georgie finds a new home and Cities of the World.
¥2,433 ¥3,742
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Mia Makes a Meadow

Lawston, Rachel
Mia loves all things messy and muddy. Erik likes things spick-and-span and spotless. Together they enjoy their shared garden. But when Mia is left to tend the garden without Erik, nature starts taking over in no time at all! Will he like the wild meadow that has replaced his lawn? With pollinators and wildflowers, join Mia as she makes a meadow!
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Construction Workers and What They Do

Slegers, Liesbet
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Lift-the-Flap Construction & Demolition

Martin, Jerome
This visually exciting lift-the-flap book charts the rise of an urban skyscraper, covering every stage of its construction - from safely demolishing its predecessor to hanging glass walls forty storeys up. With over 70 flaps to lift, revealing modern construction methods and showing how different tools and vehicles are used.
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The Mellons Build a House

Jacobs, Robin
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The Spectacular Science of Buildings

Colson, Rob
Science comes alive in this engaging and exciting STEM series.
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Mr. Men Little Miss: Busy Builders (Mr. Men and Little Miss Picture Books)

Hargreaves, Adam
Put on your hard hat and join the Mr Men and Little Miss working hard on the construction site!
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How the New Seven Wonders of the World Were Built

Bartunek, Jiri
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How the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Were Built

Henkova, Ludmila
We admire the ancient wonders today, but somebody had to build them. No heavy machinery, no semitrucks, no cement mixers. How was it even possible to build such wonders as pyramids and temples in ancient times?
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Lonely Planet Kids Inside - The World's Wonders

Lonely Planet Kids
Take a tour around the world to uncover some of the planet's most incredible landmarks and monuments - inside and out. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Statue of Liberty, the Taj Mahal to Sydney Opera House, you'll discover these iconic structures' secrets, learn about their history and find out why they have become 'wonders' of the world.
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Shigeru Ban Builds A Better World (architecture For Good)

Saturno, Isadoro
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