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Children’s Books

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Dara's Clever Trap: A Tale from Cambodia

Flanagan, Liz
In this illustrated chapter book retelling of a folk tale from Cambodia, cunning Dara uses her expertise as an engineer to foil a wicked plot and save her husband. Available individually and as part of the Stories from around the World: 4 Tales of Problem-Solving & Wit set.
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3D Printing and Maker Lab for Kids: Create Amazing Projects with CAD Design and STEAM Ideas: Volume 22

Sequeira, Eldrid
3D Printing and Maker Lab for Kids presents hands-on activities for learning how to use browser-based software TinkerCAD and SketchUp to design and print projects, along with informative sidebars to support related STEAM concepts.
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How It's Done: Building a Bridge

Morrow, Kate
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Build a Skyscraper

Farrell, Paul
Paul Farrell's stackable cards are fun for all the family Build a skyscraper using the beautifully-designed cards, with only your imagination to limit you. Each pack contains 64 cards (105 x 69 mm) of a variety of graphic designs. Clever paper engineering allows you to slot the cards together, building up and out in whichever way you like!
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Drawing Projects for Children

Briggs P
With practical tips and projects Drawing Projects for Children will inspire children and adults, and will appeal to both new drawers and enthusiasts alike. A beautifully illustrated guide including a range of projects, activities and games to inspire children and get them really thinking about making marks and the world around them.
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Arches to Zigzags: An Architectural ABC

Crosbie, Michael J.
Arches to Zizags introduces its audience (both young and old) to the world of architecture through the alphabet.
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Amazing Animal Homes

Einstein, Tamara
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How a House Is Built

Gibbons G
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DETAIL kids- A green home for Sophie and Henry: A short story about energy, carbon dioxide and architecture

Ernstberger, A
Aims to give children an awareness of the dual issues of energy and environmental protection and how they are closely related to architecture and construction. This book contributes to an optimistic vision of the future - while raising society's awareness for responsible environmental behaviour already from a young age.
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Rome: The Eternal Beauty: Pop-Up

Cestaro, Dario
The first pop-up book on Rome, a 3-D guide for children and adults with evocative images and texts that stimulate the reader s curiosity.
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