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City Guides

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Tirana: Architectural Guide

Fagu, Eled
The first guide on architecture of Tirana - the capital of Albania is a collection of 100 buildings that represent the construction of the city in the modern period.
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Lima: Architectural Guide

Torres Roa, Laura
An architectural guide describing over 160 buildings and city routes design to explore Lima by boat, car, train, bus, bicycle or on foot.
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Fifth Avenue: From Washington Square to Marcus Garvey Park

Hennessey, William J.
A compact architectural history of Manhattan with six walks that guide readers along New York's most glamorous street
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Walk With Me New York

Kaufman, Susan
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Paris: On the Road Architecture Guides

Rasenti F
This most recent guidebook in the On the Road series explores the complex urban story of Paris, one of the most densely constructed cities in Europe, through its 20th and 21st century architecture.
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Rotterdam Architecture City - The 100 Best Buildings

Groenendijk, P. Vollaard, P.
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Berlin: On the Road Architecture Guides

Saglimbeni, Claudia
A contemporary guide to the architecture of Berlin, the purpose of which is to tell about the city through its architectural works, including 86 itineraries.
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Cool Cities Dubai Pocket: Pocket Guide

An extensive source for holiday-makers and travelers alike
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Berlin - The Architecture Guide

Haubrich R
Berlin is not just the capital city and largest metropolis in Germany. It is also characterised by its most varying architectural landscape. The present architecture guide provides access to this structural spectrum. Three proven experts guide the reader
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