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City Guides

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Bangkok: Architectural Guide

Takkanon. Pattaranan (ed.)
Bangkok is one of the world's most well-known tourist destinations. Travellers are fascinated by its art and cultural diversity and colourful street life. The city's skyline is shaped by a wide range of architectural styles evident in its palaces, temples, historic buildings, all the way to the modern skyscrapers. In spite of the fact that these st
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Modern Architecture in Berlin: 466 Examples from 1900 to the Present Day

Rave, Rolf ~~~
Focuses on Berlin's last one hundred years when, generation by generation, Berlin daringly and almost obsessively rediscovered itself architecturally. This book includes selected examples that convey a visually impressive and representative longitudinal progression. It presents 466 architectural works built since 1907.
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21st Century Tokyo: A Guide To Contemporary Architecture

Worrall J & Solomon E
Tokyo has earned a reputation as one of the innovative cities in the world, and nowhere is this more evident than in its modern architecture. This book covers eighty-three examples of contemporary architecture and introduces them not just from an architectural perspective, but as part of the social, cultural, and political tapestry of the city.
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Tokyo Totem - A Guide to Tokyo

Flick Studio
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Japan: 100 Hidden Towns

Gardner, Anthony
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DAC Dhaka - South Asian Architectural Guides

Morshed, A
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AMD Ahmedabad

Tayyibji, R
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JAI-JAIPUR: Architectural Travel Guide

Vidyarthi, Sanjeev
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CHD Chandigarh

Prakash, Vikramaditya
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Ahmedabad Walls: A circumambulation with Patrick Geddes

Stephens, Robert
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