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Courts, Police and Fire Stations, Libraries

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Deichman Bjorvika: Oslo Public Library

Atelier Oslo
Europe's progressive public library in images and text.
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Laboratory Design Guide

Griffin, Brian
Describes the complex process of laboratory design and construction. This book explains how to meet the requirements that laboratory design entails. It considers topics which range from safety and site considerations to instrumentation and special furniture. It is suitable for those involved in building or renovating laboratories.
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Courthouse Architecture, Design and Social Justice

Duncanson, Kirsty (La Trobe University,
This collection interrogates relationships between court architecture and social justice, from consultation and design to the impact of material (and immaterial) forms on court users, through the lenses of architecture, law, socio-legal studies, criminology, anthropology and a former senior federal judge.
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Libraries Architecture

Andreu, David
A visual celebration of the diversity in recent library architecture (new buildings, conversions and extensions) which allows for the demands of multi-media technology.
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London Police Stations

Sanderson, Eileen
This book is a photographic snapshot of London Metropolitan Police Stations as they stand at a time of great change in the police force and society in general.
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Public Toilet Design: From Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Civic Buildings and Businesses Worldwide

Zamora, Francesc
For architects, designers and builders, a selection of 130 diverse public toilet designs which enjoyed special status as vehicles for artistic and cultural expression, corporate values and the needs of different social groups.
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Contemporary Library Architecture: A Planning and Design Guide

Worpole K
The complete design guide which focuses on the practical issues which need to be addressed by anyone involved in library design.
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Prison Architecture

Fairweather, Leslie
Examines various prison designs, within the government's prison building programme, and the confines of penal philosophies and legislation. This book also looks at: setting prison architecture and design against an historical setting; looking at penal ideas and prison architecture and design in the post-war period; and more.
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