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Courts, Police and Fire Stations, Libraries

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The New Public Library: Design Innovation for the Twenty-First Century

Hille, R. Thomas
The New Public Library is an in-depth design study of an exemplary collection of recent public libraries, and the historical precedents that have informed and inspired their development. Highly visual in its presentation, the study includes 885 color photographs and illustrations, and 195 scale drawings.
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The Library Book

Manguel A
The Library Book beautifully captures the shifting architectural styles and missions of the library in sweeping 360-degree panoramas-from the very earliest American libraries to the modernist masterpieces of Louis I. Kahn and others.
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Books, Buildings and Social Engineering: Early Public Libraries in Britain from Past to Present

Black, Alistair
This important and comprehensive book represents a ground-breaking socio-architectural study of pre-1939 public library buildings. It includes a study of what is happening to historic libraries now and proposes that knowledge of their origins and early development can help build an understanding of how best to handle their future.
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Twentieth Century Town Halls: Architecture of Democracy

Stewart, John Gold (Architect and write
The first book to examine the development of the Town Hall during the twentieth century including cases from Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK, Norway, Italy, Finland, Japan, Canada, USA, Iceland, Spain and Switzerland.
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Habitat: Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet

Piesik, S
A landmark publication that celebrates humanity's age-old ability to create buildings that are ingeniously adapted to their cultural and environmental conditions, providing enduring lessons for living today.
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Improbable Libraries

Johnson A
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Never Again: Gardens of Peace: A Landscape and Architectural History of War Cemeteries

Racine, Michel
A beautiful, illustrated exploration of European burial sites and memorials from the First and Second World Wars
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Public Restroom Design

Suchail, Jacky
- Forty designs show how the public loo can become public art Restrooms are inescapably important amenities, but something of a grey zone when it comes to design.
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