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Courts, Police and Fire Stations, Libraries

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Cool Spaces!: The Best New Architecture

Chung, Stephen
A dynamic view of the most exciting, contemporary modern architecture in North America.
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Library as Stoa: Public Space and Academic Mission in Snohetta's Charles Library

Wingert-Playdon, Kate
Library as Stoa is a reflection on the building design and construction in essays and photographs of Snohetta's Charles Library at Temple University.
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Libraries - A Design Manual

Lushington, Nolan
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A Place to Mourn: Funeral Chapel in Buochs by Seiler Linhart Architekten

Wiegelmann, Andrea
This publication is not intended as a monograph of a building, but is instead aimed at inspiring in-depth investigation of the building task, the culture of valediction in our society, both yesterday and today, and the role that architecture can play in this respect. Text in English and German.
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Masterpieces: Library Architecture + Design

Roth, Manuela
Today, libraries have to offer their users constantly advancing digital search possibilities coupled with enough spaces for concentrated reading. Whether new buildings, conversions or extensions, this title shows the diversity of this building task to complying with various technology requirements and cultural demands at the same time.
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Neues Hans-Sachs-Haus in Gelsenkirchen

Marg, Volkwin, Hubert Nienhoff (eds.)
Volume dedicated to the new multifunctional space built into the existing facade.
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Little Known Facts: Shanghai Tower

Qing, Ge
The first book to collect and interpret the complete engineering data of Shanghai Tower, the second highest super high-rise buildings in the world.
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3ZN - Bank of the Future: Openess, Simplicity, Care

Cirelli, Julie Ed.
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Municipal Architecture

Liu, Hanlin
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