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Conservation and Restoration

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How to extend your Victorian terraced house

Green, Jaqueline
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Converting Old Buildings into New Homes

Davies, B & Begg , N
Residential property prices have risen dramatically over the years yet there are thousands of dilapidated and unused buildings which can present a much cheaper way of acquiring a home.
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Practical Building Conservation: Conservation Basics

English Heritage
This volume, Conservation Basics, examines the evolving theories and principles that underpin building conservation in England in the 21st century, and looks at their application in practice. The process of conservation planning for the maintenance and repair of historic buildings and places is described in detail.
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Renovations: An Inspirational Design Primer

Wilcock, Richard
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Value in the View: Conserving Historic Urban Views

Brigden, Tom
Value in the View: Conserving Historic Urban Views is a highly engaging guide that will aid practitioners in the implementation of policy and design of development within historic urban contexts, as well as contributing to scholarly debate on the protection of views in architecture and planning.
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Rescue and reuse: Communities, heritage and architecture

Morrison, Ian
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Reglazing Modernism: Intervention Strategies for 20th-Century Icons

Ayon A et. al
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Adaptive Reuse: Extending the Lives of Buildings

Wong, L
Using vivid imagery from Frankenstein to Rem Koolhaas, the author provides a comprehensive introduction to architectural design for adaptive reuse projects.
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