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Construction and Engineering

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Residential Surveying Matters and Building Terminology: In Alphabetical Order

Goring, Les (former senior lecturer, Has
Residential Surveying Matters and Building Terminology covers a wide range of new and old building terms, techniques, technologies, and materials, but much more extensively than the average dictionary.
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Dampness in Dwellings: Causes and Effects

Ormandy, David
This book provides a definition of dampness in each of its forms, detail the various potential sources, and causes that can result in damage to the building, and damage to the health of the occupiers.
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Building Surveyor's Pocket Book

Smith, Melanie (BSc (Hons), FRICS, GIFir
Building Surveyor's Pocket Book is an accessible encyclopaedia of matters vital to building surveyors.
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Community Real Estate Development: A History and How-To for Practitioners, Academics, and Students

Buckman, Stephen
Community Real Estate Development: A History and How-To for Practitioners, Academics, and Students introduces the fundamentals of affordable housing to aspiring development professionals. This versatile resource offers an insider's perspective on creating and maintaining affordable housing in any real estate market.
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Residential Property Appraisal: Volume 2: Inspections, Defects and Reports

Parnham, Phil
This book addresses the inspection and survey of residential properties, covering new technology, modern methods of construction, problem plants and pests, damp in new builds, and modern building services.
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Building with Lime Stabilized Soil

Holmes, Stafford (Architect)
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Smart Concrete (ICE Themes)

ICE Themes Smart Concrete brings together fascinating insights into this new and evolving field of concrete.
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Low Carbon Concrete (ICE Themes)

ICE Themes Low Carbon Concrete offers an overview of the research and developments that have taken place in this area of concrete technology.
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Recycled Aggregates: Use in Concrete (ICE Themes)

ICE Themes Recycled Aggregates: Use in Concrete provides an overview of the full spectrum of research undertaken on the use of recycled aggregate as a replacement for commonly used natural aggregate in a wide range of concrete applications.
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Terrazzo: Architects, Designers & Artists

Demeulemeester, Thijs
A beautifully illustrated book showcasing inspirational terrazzo designs and offering advice on colour and style from experienced architects and designers.
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