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Construction and Engineering

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Constructing a Consumer-Focused Industry: Cracks, Cladding and Crisis in the Residential Construction Sector

Oswald, David
Through evidence-based research and international case studies, this book focuses on the effects that dangerous defects have on the housing consumer.
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An Introduction to the Building Commissioning Process

Guyer, J Paul
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International Construction Management: How the Global Industry Reshapes the World

Martek, Igor (Deakin University - Austra
This book tells you everything you need to know about international construction: the companies, their markets, the types of projects they build, how they compete and operate, and how it affects us all.
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Joinery, Joists and Gender: A History of Woodworking for the 21st Century

Visser, Deirdre
This is the first publication of its kind to survey the long and rich histories of women and gender non-conforming persons who work in wood. This book provides an accessible and insightful entry into the histories, practices, and lived experiences of women and non-binary makers in woodworking.
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Research Methods for Construction

Fellows, Richard F.
The fifth edition of this book provides a coherent, comprehensive examination and explanation of construction research.
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Building Simply: A guideline

Nagler, Florian
How can architecture create a pleasant indoor climate using construction techniques and as little technology as possible?
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The Future of Modular Architecture

Wallance, David (Architect PLLC)
The Future of Modular Architecture presents an unprecedented proposal for mass-customized mid- and high-rise modular housing that can be manufactured and distributed on a global scale.
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Building with Paper: Architecture and Construction

Knaack, Ulrich
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